Sorry Honey

There was a married man who got was terribly ill. His disease was incurable. He had been going all around with his wife and yet no Medical doctor or traditional healer could cure him. He had holes in his buttocks and his intestine was sticking out from his belly button. He even ate through his nose and ears.
He was in the last lap of life and everybody knew it, so he decided to confess all his sins to his wife. So one day, he was lying down with his wife by his side and decided to open up.
"Yes dear?" replied his wife.
"I have a confession to make dear."
"Sorry Honey, for all the wrong I ever did to you."
"It's okay dear." replied the wife "Just relax."
"Honey, you know that Gold ring I gave you for christmas?"
"Yes! dear."
"I stole it Honey, I'm sorry honey!"
"I know that dear." replied the wife.
Her husband was shocked and still went on.
"Honey, Your friend Bola and I were having an affair."
"I know dear." replied the wife.
The man was no more suprised and it went on and on.
"Honey, the ring I stole, I gave it to Clara on val's day."
"I know dear."
"Honey, when I said I was going for a board meeting at Borno, I was at Jolly Friends Hotel."
"I know dear." replied the wife.
"Then why didn't you say or do anything about it all the while Honey!"
"I did dear, I poisoned you."


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