No Rice

Mama Boni: "Ah! Caro, welcome."
Aunty Caro: "Mama Boni, thank you, it has really been long.."
Mama Boni: "Abi? How about your husband?"
Aunty Caro: "He's fine. I'm coming from a very far distance and am worn out."
Mama Boni thinks: "Hunger go kill you today, even thirsty."
Mama Boni: "My dear, there is no food in the house, infact Boniface just ate the last rice and the fridge has not been working."
Aunty Caro: "It's okay, I'll have tap water. I am...
Just then Boniface, Mama Boni's son bursts into the room all black with soot and coughing. He starts shouting...
"Mama! Mama! The whole 20 cups of rice wey you put for fire don burn finish."


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