Nigerians are dirty

It was the day Nigerians had been waiting for.
At last, Clinton, the President of the United States had landed Nigeria.
The President, Obasanjo went to receive him at the airport.
On their way from the airport, they had to pass through Oshodi.
The whole place was rowdy.
"Why is everywhere so dirty, Nigerians are dirty!" said Clinton.
Obasanjo blushed under his black skin.
"And look, all those people leaning on the bridge are all urinating!"
"Nigerians are dirty!"
From the time he landed till the time he traveled back to the States, it was...
"...Nigerians are dirty!"
President Obasanjo returned the visit. On getting to the U.S. From the moment he stepped in, he hadn't YET encountered any dirt. He kept looking round and round, but found none.
At last, as he was boarding the plane, he saw somebody urinating by the Tire of a bus. Immediately, he jumped down from the plane and ran towards the person.
"Look!" he shouted at the top of his voice. "I've caught somebody pissing on the street!"
The culprit was very scared, and upon sighting HIS president, started begging.
Nna biko, Abeg Nna biko, biko, biko.


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