Baba Ramo's Beetle

Baba Ramo bought a beetle, which was green, and had it's engine at the rear as all beetles do. With envy, his best friend Papa Nkoli who was also saving, bought a similar one.

Two days later, Baba Ramo's car broke down at Oshodi. Papa Nkoli happened to be passing by with his own identical beetle and sees Baba Ramo fiddling in front of the car.

"Ah! Baba Ramo, wetin happen?"

"My friend, this car I just bought is given me problems." said Baba Ramo.

"Can you fix it up?"

"I should be able to fix it, I'm just looking for the engine."


"No. It's just the spare tire that's in here, and I checked under it and all around, the engine is not there."

Papa Nkoli looks inside and says: "Haba! Dem no put engine for ya own."

"Talk true." said Baba Ramo. "Wetin we go come do now?"

"Just wait said Papa Nkoli, I have a spare engine at the back of my beetle."


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