One month Anniversary

Jamilu was a student at the University of Lagos.
It was Friday, and he had a female visitor, Bukky.
Jamilu bought Suya and drinks and had just opened up the drinks.
Jamilu: Should I pour in more pepper?
Bukky: No, it's okay.
After some moments of silence.
Jamilu: You're not eating much?
Bukky: No, I'm not hungry.
Jamilu: C'mmon eat, will you?
Soon Bukky is about to leave so Jamilu takes the rest of the Suya, wraps it up and throws it in the bin.
Jamilu: Well, since nobody is gonna eat it, I got no option.
Jamilu sees her off to the front of the hostel and runs back in.
He's just in time as his guys are already looking for the Suya in the dustbin.
In 5 seconds, they're already munching away at the Suya.....
In 6 seconds, Bukky rushes in 'cos she left her bag in the room.


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